Fournisseur Cultura Disruptive Force

They'll have to trust each other in order to survive this mission. CJ Grainger has insider knowledge on a terrorist group’s plans, making a target. She must rely on help of Cole McCastlain to escape. Yet, CJ and will only make it out alive if they can place their lives in other's hands.


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Fournisseur Cultura Her Undercover Defender

She’s the perfect pawn Covert CIA specialist David Martin has his orders. Keep a terrorist cell from using Terri Barnhart as leverage to get their hands on a nearly perfected bio tech weapon. Falling for her could compromise mission turn dedicated nurse into a moving target. With brother off radar three months, fears worst. Having sexy southerner to lean on helps—except hospital’s new staff member isn’t what he seems. To survive, she'll have


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Fournisseur Cultura Night After

This explosive final chapter in the Brotherhood of Blood series finds Temple target of an alluring assassin...Temple is leader of of Blood. He’s appointed himself protector of Grail, cup that turned and brethren into vampires. Now Order of Silver Palm is after Temple. Vivian has been an outsider life, until took They transformed from a poor farm girl to a woman who is as comfortable with a blade as well as a tea cup. she is their assassin, they’ve


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Fournisseur Cultura How To Make It In Hollywood Second Edition

Renowned psychotherapist and career counselor Linda Buzzell is expert in knowing how to create develop a in Hollywood. With this book, she shows you to look at your personality, strengths, weaknesses, special skills, talents in order to target goals maximize success. She then explains all jobs in to find them, advance through each stage in career.How To Make It in includes everything need to about agents, managers, lawyers, casting couch, chutzpah,


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Fournisseur Cultura Guerrilla Advertising 2

Advertising is changing fast, in order to hold its own in an ever media landscape. The traditional channels of TV, press poster simply won't reach some target audiences. Instead, clients demand project specific solutions involving social networks, stunts in public places, street propaganda more. This book showcases the varied inventive tactics that are being used today by big name brands, non profit organizations individuals to promote themselves,


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Fournisseur Cultura Force Six, The Annihilators 01 Trick Shot Renegade

It's the opening shot of Force Six, The Annihilators. What happens when team Agility and LunStar G are tasked to tackle a tricky...stationary moving target? tale takes a twist! Try twenty pages of full tilt tints. They were a of specialists assembled to bring order to a chaotic universe. Something wrong right became their final choice. See transformation from Renegade outcasts to Legends. Story & art by Drew Spence. Soundtrack sold separately available


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Fournisseur Cultura Light Touch The 14th Spider Shepherd Thriller

Working undercover is all about trust getting the target to you and then betraying them in order to bring to justice.But what do do when believe an cop has crossed line aligned herself with international drugs smuggler she was supposed to be targeting?When Lisa Wilson stops passing on intelligence target, MI5 sends in Dan 'Spider' Shepherd to check that she's on straight narrow.Now lives of two operatives are on line.***********Praise for Stephen


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Fournisseur Cultura The Captain's Lady

Captain James Templeton's orders from General Washington are clear. His target: Lord Bennington, a member of George III's Privy Council. The assignment: find Bennington's war plans. risks: the future of East Florida Colony, Jamie's life… and his heart. In spite of dangers of their hopeless situation, he's fallen in love with Lady Marianne Moberly, daughter. Desperate to protect country, carries out a heavy But Marianne's persistence is a challenge


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Fournisseur Cultura Protective Order

Changing her identity still may not save In the search for sister’s stalker, Reese Taggart must win trust of arson investigator Griff Maverick. But that will be difficult since she's using a fake so as to scare away target. as pair close in on criminal, can stop Reese from herself as bait to trap killer?


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Fournisseur Cultura The Target

The world's greatest assassins are on a high risk mission for the President but a powerful mastermind wants them dead in this 1 New York Times bestselling thriller.The knows it's a perilous, assignment. If he gives order, he has opportunity to take down a global menace, once and all. If fails, he would face certain impeachment, threats against nation multiply. So president turns to one team that can pull off impossible: Will Robie partner, Jessica


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